Fight Heart Disease, Cancer and Diabetes With High Intensity Exercise (HIE)

Right now there appears to be a commonly, and maybe very readily accepted, notion that decreased physical capability and fitness is a part of the natural progression of growing older. I am here to tell you that this’s the greatest myth that almost everyone seems to accept.

As we grow older the bodies of ours slowly quit producing testosterone and growth hormone boosting the risks of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, as well as buildup of belly fat, loss of lean muscle mass, lower power and stamina, chronic fatigue, along with the always dreaded loss of libido.

prime male testosterone boosterI differ the downward slide of the aging process inevitable and T-boosting supplements [More inspiring ideas] apart of the purely natural process, therefore do researchers at Brunel Faculty in the UK. In a recently available analysis they confirmed that High Intensity Exercise (H.I.E) offsets the age associated decline in growth hormone and testosterone, and significantly increases your natural Testosterone and Growth Hormone production.

Growing old doesn’t lead to a predetermined decline of health, fitness, or well being. Neither will it predispose you to the dangers of so called “diseases of aging”. Stay active, and also make certain you obtain in 3 intensive strength workouts a week, and never be worried about feeling “old” again.

Break the: “Downward Cycle of Aging” in 3 simple steps:

Do compound exercises like the squat, bench press, dead lift, and pull-ups to receive the foremost muscles involved in every workout.

Complete sets of eight reps to boost hormone response.

Ditch gradual boring cardio, plus finish a number of sets of periods in half the time.

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