The Life of the Golden DragonThe Golden Dragon is a legendary item used by the Chinese as one of the four animals representing power. This powerful creature was believed to be the strongest in the realm of the dragons and element, and represented Heaven on Earth. The term for the Golden Dragon in Chinese is Niu Lang Zi, which means “Heaven Dragon”. However, most commonly the dragon is called the Golden Dragon.

According to legend, the dragon was the son of the heavens and a mortal woman. He ruled the kingdom of Heaven before his wife bore him a daughter. His first wife was killed by his jealous brother, so he killed her and became the sole ruler of the kingdom. Another version says that the dragon was in fact transformed into a human because of his jealous anger at not being given the opportunity to subjugate the demons. In these tales, the dragon becomes the chief of the human race.

In modern times, the dragon has many different forms. They are considered powerful animals, but there is one form that is said to be the most powerful – the immortal form. This is the form in which the dragon can be reincarnated over again. This is the reason why the Chinese believe that one’s life can be shortened if they avoid their antagonistic relationship with a dragon. When the Dragon appears in an area of great danger or an area where there is much hardship or chaos, this is considered a time of great opportunity for the Dragon to come out of his resting place and attack.

In the legends, the dragon usually attacks those who are in trouble. One story tells of the king of China, when he had invaded the kingdom of Koh Samui. His army was composed of great numbers of troops and dragons. When his army was ready to advance on the gates of Koh Samui, the Buddha approached the armies of the king and implored them to be kind to the people of Koh Samui and to not kill them. The king was so moved that he gave all his soldiers gifts and money to ensure that they will not be mean to the people of Koh Samui.

The king then sent his army to attack the Dragon but the Dragon turned back into his own dragon form and attacked the soldiers of the king’s army. This caused much damage and was considered to be the greatest challenge that the king and his army could face. This was why the king and his army were scattered all across the regions of the country. There were times that the Dragon is seen in the daytime and other times that it is seen at night.

Today, there are so many stories that mention the Dragon. These stories generally all tell of great Dragon quests where the hero has to go and defeat a powerful and fearsome creature in order to save the damsel or the princess. Most of these stories originate from Thailand and Vietnam. One of these countries, the Philippines has its own version of the Dragon known as the Golden Dragon. The Golden Dragon is also calling the Sun Dragon and is the most beautiful of all the dragon forms.

They have golden scales and a golden exhuang that represent the brightness of life and prosperity. This is one of the most loved dragon in the Philippines and many people there like to make it their national symbol. The people in the Philippines believe that if you have a good relationship with the Sun Dragon then you will have a happy and prosperous life.

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