The kitchen: open onto the living area or into a room?

The kitchen is one of the most significant environments in our home, not only on a spatial level but above all on an emotional level.

How many hours and how many moments of aggregation do we live around our tables?

How many moments bind us to our kitchen?

Food has always been an important binder in our lives.

So it is essential to reflect on the role that the kitchen plays in our home.

Is it the protagonist of our home or is it-accessory an?

Once these questions have been asked, it is inevitable to dedicate the right space to functions, and inevitably to clash with the size of the rooms. 

Today the concept of the kitchen is overturned, it is no longer just a separate room in which to cook and eat, but it becomes a real environment, often luxurious, sometimes less, but with a strong impact on the general project of our house.

There are two paths to take in the renovation project: 

  1. The kitchen that opens when it meets the living room

Today, houses, often due to their small size, inevitably require the kitchen to be placed inside the living room.

It is therefore nice to identify it, not so much as a place of service, but as a real piece of furniture, an integral part of the interior design project.

In some cases, it is even difficult to recognize what a kitchen is, if not using some unavoidable elements, such as sinks and fires.

The trend of recent times even involves hiding appliances inside retractable doors or custom-made furniture, so as not to impact the aesthetics of the living area.

The kitchen thus becomes a piece of furniture, finished with precious materials, reflective surfaces, and marble.

Furniture and wall units take on the most varied shapes, sizes, and shades and cooking become a less obvious, more refined action.

In this case, the relationship that is generated between the kitchen and the living area is fundamental, and then the functions and actions lose their power, break down the wall barriers and merge.

The kitchen to which you can dedicate your room

The older houses, with more important sizes, allow us to dedicate a room used for it to the kitchen.

In other cases, however, it is a real need to have a kitchen, separate from the living area and the dining room.

Also in this case it is nice to remember that we can treat surfaces and objects as part of a careful, selected, and measured project.

Owning a kitchen in its own right should not be limiting, but rather, an added value to our home, which allows us to identify that same place as a place of work, service, but also of joy and sharing.

Also in this hypothesis, it is nice to embellish and design our kitchen as if it were a design object, perhaps without having to hide appliances or equipment.

It is good to build and establish the identity of that place.

Are you thinking of giving a new face to the kitchen? 

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